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Updated 10th December 2014


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Friends, Families and Travellers was set up some time ago by Steve Staines, who had relatives on the road, and realised how badly they were being treated. The organisation is still going today, and can be found at Community Base, 113, Queens Road, Brighton. BN1 3XG. Tel. 01273 234 777 .Travellers living in Bedfordshire (on their own land) have been bulldozed from their homes, at a cost of 230,000 to the local council-tax payers. As Spike Milligan said, "Everybody's got to be somewhere". That just doesn't apply to Travellers, it seems.

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Travellers' Homes - all you could wish for


David Grant, who travelled round the world with his family, in a horse-drawn caravan. I actually bought his book, which is pretty dramatic for a tight git like me. Worth reading.

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Nigel Dickinson - photographer Ted Rudge - Birmingham


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