Updated 20th February 2016

Home Travellers Home Education Resources Radio email Arty Farty  People on a raft across the Atlantic - an inspiration!  A very good place to keep your money. (If you have any) They lend money on old properties, which the "normal" companies will not touch. They are people-friendly.

If you ever get a chance to attend  The Green Gathering, you should go. It gives you hope, in this greed-ridden country. 

  How many more fields to go in Gosport?  lots of interesting people, and their HOUSES -


Electric Bikes

Pedelecs  is the site of this Earth-saving organisation. A lot of money is raised to support them at the Glastonbury Festival. Is that why there is such difficulty every year, in getting permission to hold the Fest?
 Spinning Pedals = Alt-Energy inspiration.



Base Camp - Oil Lamp/Stove spares etc. is the place to go, if you're a lover of decent food.




Want to be independent of the national grid? Take a look at We lived for five and a half years without mains electricity. It really is quite feasible, and that was 27 years ago. There is a lot more stuff available now than there was then.  is the Centre for Alternative Technology.


 Just Bikes (Eco Transport)

Groovy Movie - Solar-Powered Cinema

Build your own oven -